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Reading the Tarot is part gift and part logic. The logic part is just knowing the meanings of the cards and seeing how they fit together. The gift portion is harder to explain. It is intuition and seeing how the cards are coming together and seeing something that is more than the combination of the parts.

Some people ask me if I need to have the querent speak his or her question out loud. Well, no, I don't. Some readers ask for the querent to speak the question because then they can use the question as a way to form their responses to the cards. If the querent asks a question about their lovelife, then any court cards that come up are automatically assumed to somehow relate to the querent's lovelife. After all, that is what the querent is hoping to hear, right? And that makes the reader sound wise and psychic, right?

I don't ask the querent to speak the question out loud unless they want to. If they want to think about a specific question while they shuffle the cards, that is fine. If they want to speak it out loud to help them focus, that is okay too. But, when I read the cards, I am not looking to try to prove myself to the querent. I am looking to see if the cards seem to be showing me a theme. I hope that the theme the cards show me is related to what the querent is concerned about, but I have often found that while the querent may say he or she wants the answer to a specific question, once I do the reading, he or she often tells me that my reading touched on something they were really worried or concerned about, but didn't know how to put into words.

While I do prefer to do readings with the querent in person, I am willing to do readings for querents who are not present, but long distance readings are more difficult. They require a lot more concentration and focus on my part because I am not only trying to read the cards, but I am trying to read my querent across a distance. It is much easier to feel the aura of a querent who is in the same room, just across a table from me. Next easiest is a querent who is on the phone with me. The most difficult is doing a reading via email or IM client. They are much more draining, take longer, and require more recovery time. It is somewhat easier if it is someone I know well or have worked with extensively in the past. In those cases, I have a personal connection with the person already.

For people who live in the Hampton Roads area and are interested in readings, we can arrange in-person readings for most evenings or for weekends. For people who do not live in the Hampton Roads area, then phone, IM client (AIM, Yahoo, MSN), or email readings are available.


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Recent Focus

A recent purchase is the Tarot of Dreams deck from Ciro Marchetti. This beautiful deck was originally available "with an interactive CD that included numerous features were at the time unique to the Tarot genre, such as animated cards, video intro and background music etc, along with a full book length PDF document that provides full explanation of the decks imagery and esoteric symbolism." He has just released a second version, for $35.00, that includes just the deck and book. While I would have loved to have gotten one of the first printings, I was too late, so I will have to be satisfied with the second edition version. I have not yet finished reading the book or examining the deck, so I won't give my opinion quite yet, but I will say that I was surprised that the deck is not the standard 78 card deck, but an 82 card deck.